Miley Cyrus reaches out to DaBaby to “learn from each other”


Miley Cyrus reached out to DaBaby, according to her Instagram post, to “see how we can learn from each other and help be part of a fairer and more understanding future.” His message to the rapper comes after several festivals kicked him out of the lineups following homophobic remarks he made at Rolling Loud in Miami.

“As a proud and loyal member of the LGBTQIA + community, much of my life has been devoted to fostering love, acceptance and openness,” she shared on Instagram. She pointed out that the internet has fueled the culture of cancellation, but it is also a place for “education, conversation, communication and connection”.

The reaction to DaBaby’s Rolling Loud comments that surfaced after her appearance on July 25 was swift. Other artists including Elton John, Madonna, Questlove and Dua Lipa criticized the rapper soon after. Meanwhile, DaBaby offered a few pseudo-apologies while doubling down on her position via a music video that included the words, “My apologies for being me in the same way you want the freedom to be you.”

On Sunday, DaBaby was taken off Lollapalooza just hours before his headlining entry. Several festivals have followed suit, including Austin City Limits, iHeartRadio, Governors Ball, Day N Vegas and Music Midtown. He had already been kicked from Can’t Wait: Live! benefit concert and Parklife Festival.

Amid the flurry of canceled festival appearances, DaBaby issued yet another apology, this time to the LGBTQ + community specifically “for the hurtful and triggering comments I made.” He also apologized again for his “misinformed comments about HIV / AIDS and I know education about it is important.”

“It’s easier to set someone down than to find forgiveness and compassion in ourselves or take the time to change hearts and minds,” Cyrus concluded in his post Wednesday. “There is no more room for the division if we want to continue to progress! Knowledge is power! I know I still have so much to learn!

On Wednesday, organizations dedicated to helping people living with HIV also sent an open letter to DaBaby, asking her to participate in a private meeting to discuss the facts about HIV, how it is a preventable and treatable disease, and how he might be able to serve as a long-term advocate for this cause and help end the stigma around HIV.


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