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Experiential Music Company, MindTravel, presents its Signature Live-to-Headphones “Silent” Piano, SilentHike and Floating Meditation experiences throughout the year on beautiful beaches, in beautiful parks and other breathtaking outdoor spaces such as the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and in iconic spaces such as Grace Cathedral in San Francisco.

Whether for 100 people or 1000 people, this magical experience takes audiences on a profound journey as the real-time compositions of composer and pianist Murray Hidary are played directly in the MindTravelheadphones that the public wears. It’s a perfect way to admire the majestic surroundings while experiencing a spontaneously improvised musical revelation, imbued with traditions of wisdom, theoretical physics, and the power of community uplifting.

In his heart, MindTravel creates the space and the permission to feel and connect. It is an exploration of the notion that incorporating music lessons into our daily lives can dramatically improve our clarity, our ability to think and relax, and that with music as a teacher, we can remove layers of our You are still invisible.

MindTravel is excited to bring back his signature meditation experience by walking in New York City on Tuesday, August 10 from 6:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Let yourself be carried away by the deep sense of freedom and connection with MindTravel’s all-new musical experience: MindTravel Silent walk. Gathered at a designated location (Jacob Wrey Moulde fountain), guests receive their headphones. After a short introduction and setting your intentions, you’ll cross the Brooklyn Bridge to take in the sunset view.

Experience contemplation, creativity and community as the energy of the city moves us forward. After crossing the bridge, we will end the trip in Brooklyn Bridge Park while admiring the Manhattan skyline. MindTravel The team encourages all participants to bring comfortable sneakers or walking shoes AND water!
MindTravel will provide the wireless headphones. (EVENT LINK HERE)


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