Music lessons a big hit at the Alex Robertson Public Library


The public must register for the lessons, but instruments are available for those who need them. Stares explained that the guitar lessons have proven particularly popular and that there is a waiting list, so they are considering offering guitar lessons on a second day of the week.

Those who participate must follow certain rules such as disinfecting their hands when entering the establishment and registering for public health reasons. Social distancing will also occur at all times and participants must wear a mask.

“The library is kind of like the living room of the community,” Stares said. “We offer things that don’t necessarily come with libraries like computers. We have video games and board games here. We are diverse. We want to offer a bit of everything. We have a partnership with the arts council, so we have an artist-creating space. We tend to be a lot of different things and that’s what libraries are.

Note that once the lessons have been running for a while, the programming will change and could focus on an instrument such as the bass. He added that part of Burr’s job is to respond to what audiences want and deliver the programming they want.

Those interested in registering for classes can contact the library at 1-306-425-2160. Participants are not required to have previous experience.

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