New musical brings songs and memories to Silver Dollar City


Evoking the camaraderie of the holidays is the premise of a new stage show this season in Silver Dollar City. “Coming Home for Christmas” ” is about acting out your favorite Christmas traditions and memories with family and friends, including decorating, shopping, cooking Christmas dinner, spending time with loved ones, going to church on Christmas Eve and singing Christmas carols,” says Elise Green, the show’s producer.

“This show has been in the works for a few years,” she continues. “Putting a show on stage can be a long process. We hold brainstorming sessions to come up with concepts and ideas on how we can convey a story to our guests. We work with different directors, set designers/builders, musical arrangers, choreographers, costume designers, audio designers, lighting designers, projection/video content designers.

“We also have the casting process, which we usually do a few months before rehearsals start. Silver Dollar City is open from March to December, with several different festivals throughout the season, so we need to have a pre plan. -detailed production for all of our show/rehearsal processes.Sometimes we only have a few days to turn a theater into a completely different show.

“Coming Home for Christmas” features 14 singer/dancers onstage and a four-piece band, presenting a selection of classic holiday songs “that our guests will know,” says Green, “all arranged by Susan Draus, the show’s director. “

Two of those performers are Austin, Texas native Tommie Lee Crutcher and Orange County, California native Juli Biagi, who is the show’s captain.

“As far back as I can remember, I’ve sung and danced,” says Biagi. “I took a few years of acting classes in elementary school, and that’s when I knew I wanted to do theater! I performed in shows for fun all through middle school. and high school, then I majored in musical theater in college, and I’ve been performing professionally since 2019. … This is my second season at the park.”

Crutcher is also in his second season with the theme park. He describes the new show as “one big happy family that takes audiences through different holiday traditions they can relate to when they visit the house or invite loved ones over for the holidays.”

“I appreciate the authenticity of the show’s creative process,” he says. “Our creative team makes sure every moment of the show is real and honest, so everyone who comes to the show can be part of the journey. I’m just in awe of all the talent and love in Show.”

“I love this show. Sue and Shannan, our musical director and choreographer respectively, did an amazing job of making sure we made every song and every moment as authentic and heartfelt as possible,” confirms Biagi. “Even when we are dancing, clapping and shouting!

In addition to the new show, which plays at Red Gold Heritage Hall three times a day during the Christmas season – and four times on Saturdays – other productions include The Living Nativity and Saloon Frontier Fa-La-La Follies. Rudolph’s Holly Jolly Christmas Light Parade passes through the city each evening with illuminated floats, characters, dancers and performers. The park also continues its folk traditions of more than 6.5 million lights, an elaborate eight-story animated Christmas tree, holiday foods and more. In the streets, the singers sing and walk; Christmas in Midtown features a nine-story display of tunnels of light, wreath portals, flying angels and special effects; and the stages feature more than 30 shows each day and night, including the longtime favorite “A Dickens’ Christmas Carol.”

To add to the festivities, says Food and Beverage director Sam Hedrick, menus offer a variety of seasonal treats such as peppermint ice cream served in a peppermint waffle cone; gingerbread funnel cake; Skillet Turkey Calico, Russet Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, and Slow-Roasted Turkey in the larger-than-life 6-foot skillet; apple chicken sausage on brioche bread with marinated red onion salad; gingerbread-dusted churro served with a peppermint dip; and a cinnamon gingerbread.

“Customers tend to favor comfort food with a twist,” says Hedrick. “Take our Candied Acorn Squash Mac and Cheese. Macaroni is a great base for creating flavors that can complement it, and we can change it up per festival. This allows guests to have something to look forward to and discover at every time they visit. This coupled with our tasting passport allows guests to explore the park and discover new foods everywhere.”

“Coming Home for Christmas” is about acting out your favorite Christmas traditions and memories with family and friends, including decorating, shopping, preparing Christmas dinner, spending time with loved ones, going to church on Christmas Eve and sing Christmas carols,” says the producer of the new Silver Dollar City stage show.(Courtesy photo)
Photo If you want all the traditional Christmas flavors, Silver Dollar City has that too. (Courtesy picture)
Photo A tasting passport allows visitors to An Old Time Christmas to try new savory and sweet concoctions dreamed up by the theme park’s creative Food and Beverage team. (Courtesy picture)

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