Nicola Sturgeon to headline Menopause Festival with Kirsty Wark’s cat


NICOLA Sturgeon is set to talk all things menopause at a festival next month as she continues to try to get women to talk more openly about the issue after an appearance on Loose Women .

The Prime Minister will headline Menopause Café’s #FlushFest2022 to be held online June 17-18 this year after the format was successfully piloted in 2021.

Previously held in Perth, it’s the world’s only menopause festival with a series of talks and workshops that aim to shed light on the taboo subject.

Sturgeon will speak with journalist Kirsty Wark (below) as they talk about menopause as top professionals.

Taking place on Saturday, June 18, ticket holders will be able to submit questions to both of them before Thursday, June 9.

The Prime Minister discussed menopause on an episode of Loose Women last month, admitting it was not something she felt ‘completely comfortable’ talking about.

She said there was still a lot of stigma around it and admitted she was worried about how she would deal with it as a public figure.

She added: “I feel responsible for the next generation of women, so they can read and say ‘this is it’.”

Sturgeon also spoke about the subject on The Shift podcast and described how she felt “responsible” to talk about her experiences.

The festival kicks off on Friday, June 17 with a menopause comedy night featuring a line-up of comedians riffing on a midlife or menopause theme. It will be hosted by Pauline Eyre who appeared at last year’s show.

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Saturday will then be filled with talks and workshops on symptoms, mental health, working through menopause, creativity and the impact of menopause on sex.

Author and personal trainer Amanda Thebe will speak to guests about building resilience and strength during menopause while mentor and business coach Dinah Tobias will discuss how to keep working while enduring symptoms spanning areas such as your legal rights as an employee and how to get support from HR and your line manager.

Other events include a creative arts workshop with artist Sarah Grove-White that will explore the sensory experiences of women who are directly affected by or coping with symptoms of perimenopause or the menopause transition, while therapist Diane Danzebrink will talk about the psychological symptoms of menopause.

Certified sex therapist Claire MacAulay will lead an interactive workshop focusing on the effect menopause can have on sexual desire and Petra Coveney, founder of Menopause Yoga, will explain the benefits of specific poses, breathing techniques and meditation.

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