N’Keal Harry apologizes after coach shoots Cam Newton


Patriots wide receiver N’Keal Harry has apologized after his coach criticized quarterback Cam Newton.

Let’s call it what it is: the New England Patriots’ passing game has been nothing short of a disaster this season. However, it would be unfair to single out any singular individual, as the team’s struggles boil down to multiple underlying factors.

You can complain all you want about quarterback Cam Newton’s inconsistency, but it’s practically impossible to assess it properly given the Patriots’ lackluster roster construction on that side of the ball.

Their wide receiving body was the epitome of unavailability, and N’Keal Harry’s lack of lift pretty much served as a microcosm of their ineffectiveness. To make matters worse for the sophomore pro, his trainer came out and publicly eviscerated Newton this weekclaiming his lack of production has more to do with the quarterback’s suspect play than him.

Knowing the detrimental effect those comments could have on the Patriots locker room, Harry was fast to purify the air with Newtonnoting that the harsh words did not come from him and that his coach was out of order to do so without his approval.

“I just let him know and made sure he knew whatever was said, I don’t know what was said, nothing was coming from me,” Harry told reporters. “Rischad (Whitfield) said no such thing to me. It doesn’t strike me that that exact statement is something he would say. I don’t know if this was taken out of context or what happened, but I don’t know if this conversation ever came from me, and it wasn’t even something I was aware of until I saw it on social media.

Kudos to Harry for standing up for Newton, who – despite what some members of the media think – in no way deserves to take the majority of the blame for the ineptitude of the passing game in 2020, let alone the struggles of Harry.

Clearly embarrassed by his coach’s commentsthe 2019 first-round pick went further by highlighting his relationship with Newton, about whom he had nothing but positive things to say.

“He was great. He really went out of his way and really made a conscious effort to make sure he did everything he could to help me. He’s just been kind of a mentor to me throughout this season, and he’s been a big help to me so far.

Newton had Harry’s back since arriving at training camp, and it was heartening to see him return the favor following his coach’s troubling remarks. For the sake of the Patriots, let’s hope this nonsense is swept under the rug ahead of their clash against Miami this weekend.


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