Ofsted reports: Victoria Primary Academy in east Leeds receives ‘good’ grade as pupils ‘show pride’ at school


The school principal praised the work done by staff and students, adding that the school had been on a “journey” since its “needs improvement” rating in 2019.

The report, which was released this week following an inspection in September, said: ‘Pupils at Victoria Primary Academy take pride in their school. They recognize that their school has gone through a period of change and they can explain how it has improved the school for them.

Pupils at Victoria Primary Academy celebrate their Ofsted success.

“Leaders are committed to developing strong relationships with the wider school community. They understand that parents and families would like to get to know them better. Senior staff and teachers are available, and easily identifiable in named jackets, at the start and end of the school day.

“Leaders have clear expectations of what all students can and should achieve. Students, including early graders, understand these expectations and work hard to meet them. The students are respectful of each other and of the adults in the school.

He added that movement around the school was “calm and orderly” and that bullying was rare, with staff being quick to deal with any incident.

“[Staff] have organized various learning experiences that students can access throughout the school year,” he added. “There is also a wide range of extracurricular activities that students are encouraged to participate in.”

“The focus is on the quality of education at Victoria Primary Academy. Leaders have thought carefully about what they want students to know, remember and be able to do in each subject.

Sam Bailey, Executive Director of Victoria Primary Academy, said: “It is fantastic recognition of all the hard work the team and the Trust have put into the school over the past few years. Victoria Primary Academy has been on a real journey and it has been a difficult process, but we are incredibly proud of the school today and the superb quality of education we provide to the children.

“While the physical environment for students has improved dramatically and made a huge difference to the learning environment and outdoor play spaces, the real transformation has been in the ethos, sense of community and the richness of the experience we offer children here. Our very rich curriculum offers high quality in all subjects and students are delighted with their learning. From music lessons and sports competitions to school trips and performances school, our students enjoy opportunities they otherwise would not have had and levels rise rapidly in reading, writing and math.Students, parents and staff team have worked together to create a school that we are proud and I am delighted that Ofsted has recognized this.


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