Putuu is a gospel song, play it in the churches – Stonebwoy


Livingstone Etse Satekla popularly known as Stonebwoy says his song ‘Putuu’ is a gospel song and people should feel free to play it in churches.

Speaking on GTV’s Breakfast Show on Friday, October 21, the artist said that “Putuu” is a prayer song for the Nation and it is very powerful.

“It’s a song of prayer, my people. It’s a gospel song. Play it in churches whenever you want.

The five-time reggae/dancehall artist of the year further explained that the inspiration for the song came during the Covid-19 period.

“I was actually inspired during the COVID period. I was coming back from London and I had this instrumental, I could feel something in the instrumentals.

“But when I was done, the song became a song for me, because I know people might not understand Stonebwoy for this one. I mean, I wrote songs for people, and I I’m pretty honest, sometimes I have songs that I know I have to give to people that I can’t sing. That’s fine, but I figure someone else will do it better and that’ll be fine,” noted the president of Bhim.

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He continued: “But this particular song, I gave it to, you know, I called my wife, I played it and one of our friends came to our house, Aisha. Aisha Modi. So I’m like, listen to this song I have. What do you guys think? You know what? I’m skeptical about it coming out. I’m about to release an album anyway. But let me share it between us so you can enjoy it because it’s new and let’s see how it goes.

Aisha comes home and goes online with her and goes live with a song, the next minute. I saw the song on Nigerian blogs. So I woke up one morning and I actually mixed and mastered the song and released it right away. then, we have ‘Putuu’. So, I’m grateful for this song,” Stonebwoy shared.

The Dancehall musician also revealed that he has an upcoming album due out in March.


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