QB of the future and forecast for the 2021 season


Do you think we should take Dwayne Haskins and free Hoyer. Could it be a good recovery project? Stacy Hanson

Taking a chance on Dwayne Haskins makes sense. Given the quarterback’s situation in New England, the Patriots should at least explore the Haskins option. While there’s no doubt the quarterback made a mistake in Washington, he’s still a 23-year-old former first-round pick who could learn from that experience and turn the tide. Haskins is an affordable option who could be part of some interesting quarterback competition in 2021 depending on what the Patriots do in free agency or in the draft. Megan O’Brien

Just curious, why did the Patriots leave Jacob Hollister so quickly? I get that he’s not an elite double-base tight end, but his 25-30 catches a year in Seattle is far better than anything the Patriots have done in the past two seasons. mike dreese

Jacob Hollister has done well in Seattle. While in New England, Hollister suffered from several injuries that kept him out of action. Perhaps that and his inability to serve as an effective blocker caused the Patriots to move to the undrafted tight end. Hollister would certainly improve the tight end position group, but the Patriots need a more established veteran who threatens opposing defenses while also being able to help young Devin Asiasi and Dalton Keene..

What are the odds of the Patriots quitting Cam Newton? Marc Bushnell

Right now, Mark, it seems far away. There was a report from Mike Florio suggesting the Patriots could quit Cam however, it seems unlikely that Cam Newton will be part of the Patriots plan for the 2021 season unless he takes on the backup quarterback role. , which also seems unlikely. After this season, Newton is unlikely to have a starting quarterback job anywhere in the league. Megan O’Brien

What role will free will play in rebuilding the Patriots? Tom Shepard

There is no easy way to put it. The Patriots will enter the 2021 season looking for upgrades to nearly every roster position. Bill Belichick often notes that there are many ways to build your list and that building a list is a year-round process. Free agency will serve as a big piece in the Patriots’ rebuilding puzzle. The promising news is that the Patriots’ salary cap space puts them in a position to quit many of their veterans who are about to hit free agency while allowing the team to make a splash in free agency. Compensating picks have yet to be awarded, but once they are, the Patriots should have 10 picks in the 2021 draft. Six of those picks are in the first four rounds. Lately, the Patriots have struggled to develop talent in the weapons department, especially wide receiver and tight end. Maybe free agency could help grow those roster areas. Also, we can’t forget the quarterback position. Several veteran starting quarterbacks are expected to be available in free agency. All eyes will be on to see how the Patriots approach the quarterback position in 2021. Whether it’s free agency or the draft, this offseason will be full of intrigue. Megan O’Brien

What can we expect from the Patriots in terms of coaching development and evaluation in the upcoming game? Will Belichick give one of his coaches more experience in game management or game coordination? Who intervened as QB coach with the departure of Jedd Fisch? Geoff Moore

While fans may consider this game more of a preseason game than a regular season game, the players and coaching staff are focused on winning against the Jets. Now, that sentence sounds way too much like Belichick, but it’s the truth. Coaching and responsibility changes will take place during the offseason. Josh McDaniels said last week that he would take over the responsibilities of quarterbacks coach Jedd Fish. Megan O’Brien

Can the Patriots sign Josh Rosen? David Lamourex

Maybe Josh Rosen will be an option for the Patriots this offseason if he becomes available. While Rosen spent the majority of the 2020 season on the Bucs’ practice squad, the 49ers signed Rosen last week when Nick Mullens suffered a season-ending injury. Rosen is expected to become a free agent in 2021. It’s curious that the former first-rounder never had an extended opportunity, and from the Patriots’ perspective, Rosen is a candidate worth pursuing. Megan O’Brien


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