Released from prison after 42 years, John Hinckley will play music in Athens


After being released from prison in June, John Hinckley Jr. was sentenced in various cities across the United States, but not for committing crimes.

Hinckley, who served a 42-year sentence for the 1981 assassination attempt on then-President Ronald Reagan, is currently touring as a freelance musician.

On Tuesday, Hinckley announced via his Twitter account that he was scheduled to perform at Athens’ downtown bar and The World Famous concert venue on October 27. World-renowned bartender Jesse Conley told the Banner-Herald the event was in the works. “for a few weeks” and is officially on the program.

In October 2020, a federal court granted Hinckley permission to publicly perform and market his music, which Hinckley began sharing via YouTube in December. With a nasal accent, Hinckley performed solo acoustic covers of artists like Bob Dylan and Elvis Presley before releasing videos of his own light compositions.

Hinckley’s ‘Redemption Tour’ has gotten off to a rocky start since its launch in early summer, with concerts in New York, Connecticut and Virginia canceled after threats against venues despite ticket sales in certain places.

“I’ll be doing a show at World Famous in Athens, GA on October 27th,” Hinckley’s August 23 tweet read. “We’ll see each other there!!”


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