San Diego activists react to Breonna Taylor ruling


As protests took place across the country for Breonna Taylor on Wednesday, San Diego residents rallied in downtown San Diego to demand justice and police reform.

SAN DIEGO – Outrage and disappointment were expressed by some community activists in San Diego on Wednesday over the indictment of an officer in the Breonna Taylor case.

“It is actually shocking that an officer can be held up to shoot at neighboring apartments, but not the officer who fired fatal bullets at Breonna,” said lawyer and community advocate Genevieve Jones-Wright .

A US grand jury has indicted former Louisville Police Officer Brett Hankinson with three counts of gratuitous endangerment for the gunfire that entered neighboring apartments.

“I don’t know how the police can violate the policy, the procedures and the law in the Breonna case and not be held accountable,” said community activist Tasha Williamson.

Williamson said that the fact that no officer has been charged with Taylor’s death is disappointing but not surprising.

“For me, that’s to be expected. And that is why we are still fighting and that is why we are protesting, ”she said.

The president of the San Diego NAACP called her reaction to the grand jury’s decision “shock, dismay, displeasure.”

“So the indictment concerns other people who were in other apartments,” she said. “It’s so disheartening for a lot of the NAACP branch members in San Diego.”

“If Breonna Taylor wasn’t African American, if she was your Caucasian sister or your Latin sister, would that be okay? No,” Maxwell added.

Two local protests began Wednesday night in downtown San Diego to demand justice for Breonna Taylor.

“People have to take to the streets and say ‘Black Lives Matter’ for justice to be served, and here we are six months later, and we see that the justice that was delayed has now been denied indefinitely,” Jones- says Wright .

In the 191 days since the shooting death, Breonna Taylor, 26, EMT, the officer who fired the fatal shot has not been charged. Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron said the use of lethal force was justified because Taylor’s boyfriend shot officers. He said the officers did not identify themselves although the GA said they did.

“It was a little shocking to be completely honest with you, and for a lot of people it feels like there was a punch,” Jones-Wright said.

Campaigners say body camera images would be imperative in this case, but the Louisville Police Department did not have them. Jones-Wright said a reform of the tragedy is that the Louisville Police Department has banned no strike warrants in the city.

“We fear that our lives don’t matter, and I think that’s the underlying message of Breonna Taylor’s murder is that our lives don’t matter in this justice system.” , said Reverend Shane Harris of The People’s Alliance for Justice.

In a civil wrongful death lawsuit filed by Taylor’s family, the city of Louisville will pay $ 12 million.

“No compensation can pay for the murder of Breonna Taylor, it had to be compensation,” Harris said.

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