Seth Vanover accused of soliciting 11-year-old girl online


Seth Vanover

A Texas police officer has been arrested for knowingly trying to solicit an 11-year-old girl online so he could sexually abuse her, federal authorities say in a disturbing affidavit.

Seth EstesVanovera 50 year old man lieutenant resigned since at the Longview Police Department in Texas, allegedly used the usernames “jjdad36” and “jattleson” to chat online via his phone and computer in private messages and in chat rooms like “Tab.OOCesT” and “familylovers”.

The cats are explicitand the complaint covers conversations involving two different special agents, the first of whom contacted “jjdad36” in December 2020.

The suspect allegedly thought he was communicating with a 33-year-old “tab mom” with a 9-year-old “dau”. Asked by the special agent what he was “into”, the defendant reportedly replied: “Incest”. The suspect reportedly said he “would love to do oral on [the minor].”

A follow-up conversation produced the same, although the suspect exercised caution, authorities say.

Username ‘jjdad36’ acknowledged that meeting would be a ‘big risk’ but wanted to know if the non-existent girl was ready to have ‘full sex’.

“I don’t know? I mean she’s 55 pounds if she could,” the special agent replies.

“She can definitely get oral sex,” the suspect reportedly replied.

That conversation reportedly ended with the suspect reminding the officer “We both have to be careful.”

Fast forward to July 2022, when the second special agent – the one who signed the affidavit – contacted “jattleson” and posed as the father of an 11-year-old girl.

“What am I in. Most aren’t,” “Jattleson” said, before asking if this nonexistent second girl had pubic hair or sexual experience.

“I dream of her pussy lol,” he reportedly wrote.

The feds appear to be focused on discussions between July 2022 and September 2022, as “jattleson” allegedly indicates intent to follow through.

“Since she was 11, is it good to cum inside her?” he would have asked during a conversation in August.

“Are you really going to come the week after the next one?” the FBI agent later asked.

“That’s my plan man,” the suspect reportedly replied. “Where is she now.”

“Been a while. But she up for full sex? Vanover is accused of asking in a follow-up chat in September 2022.

The investigating officer concluded as follows:

Based on the foregoing facts, I have probable cause to believe that during the period from or about July 25, 2022 through September 19, 2022, in the Middle District of Florida and elsewhere, SETH ESTES VANOVER, aka jjdad36, aka jattleson , using interstate commerce facilities i.e. cellular telephone and computer via the Internet, knowingly and willfully attempted to persuade, induce, entice and coerce a person whom SETH ESTES VANOVER believed was not having reached the age of 18 to engage in sexual activity for which a person may be charged with a criminal offense under the laws of the State of Florida, i.e. the crime of assault lewd or lascivious against a person under the age of 12, in violation of Section 800.04(5)(a) & (b), of the Florida Statutes, all in violation of Title 18, United States Code, Section 2422(b).

Texas federal court court records show Vanover was arrested on Wednesday and given $50,000 bond with conditions on Thursday.

Vanover is to appear in US Magistrate Judge by Patricia Barksdale Florida Intermediate District court on Oct. 24 because that is the jurisdiction where the charge is pending, records show.

Law&Crime has contacted the federal public defender listed as Vanover’s attorney for comment.

[Image via Smith County Jail]

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