Spotify boycott calls grow after Daniek Ek invests 100 million euros in Mil-Tech


Photo credit: Fortune Live Media / CC by 2.0

Music lovers around the world are calling for a boycott of Spotify after CEO Daniel Ek revealed a $ 100 million investment in a military tech company.

Digital Music News announced the investment in Helsing after Ek announced it on November 9. Ek also joins the board of directors of Helsing after the investment. Helsing says its AI technology will be used for “national defense and security” to provide “an information advantage to democratic governments and” to protect liberal democracies from harm. “

Many Spotify users are angry and jump on the competition for their music streaming. The hashtag #BoycottSpotify is trending on Twitter, where several artists have promoted the cancellation of their accounts.

“#BoycottSpotify now! Cancel your subscription today. Artists and music lovers should not support the military AI industry. Record your anger at Spotify’s involvement in sponsoring arms companies. It is so despicable. Music is NOT war. Simply wrong on every level, ”tweets Darren Sangita, a music producer.

“AI means using computers to process information a hundred times faster, so that they accurately deliver a higher death rate,” Sangita said. Resident advisor. “Music is used as a weapon. I cannot subscribe so I have already unsubscribed and now plan to remove all my music from Spotify. We believe in music as a powerful tool for peace; otherwise, it is a total contradiction with our musical philosophy.

Some alternative services recommended by artists and musicians include Tidal and Deezer. The response to Daniel Ek’s announcement has not been overwhelmingly positive – with calls for a boycott of Spotify starting quickly.

A quick glance at the Twitter comments below the initial announcement shows that most people are unhappy with the investment. Despite strong criticism from musicians, artists and even regular Spotify users, Daniel Ek did not respond to calls to boycott Spotify.

Helsing was founded in 2021 and promotes itself as a “new kind of security and artificial intelligence company” that aims to turn “the unstructured sensor date into an information advantage for democratic governments”.

NaturalMotion founder Torsten Reil co-founded the company and is currently its CEO. The former special commissioner of the German Federal Ministry of Defense, Gundbert Scherf, signed as chairman and chief operating officer.


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