St. Stephen’s Secondary School students storm the East Coast Music Awards


It’s not every day that high school kids approach musicians for awards.

For Grade 12 student Olivia McCray, it was an exciting time to interview Newfoundland singer Yvette Lorraine at the East Coast Music Awards in Fredericton.

“We talked for about 45 minutes and that was the best thing ever…She’s really sweet,” the St. Stephen High School student said.

“Another standout moment would probably be the red carpet, even though I had heels on so my feet were killing me,” McCray said with a laugh.

McCray interviews Newfoundland singer Yvette Lorraine. (Submitted by Scott Legge)

She and Ian Curran, her Grade 12 co-host, had the opportunity to experience the ECMA red carpet and interview stars through a program offered at the school.

The program allowed students to gain experience working on the award show for their school production, Spartan TV.

Curran interviewed ECMA host Maestro Fresh Wes during Thursday’s red carpet. (Submitted by Scott Legge)

Curran interviewed ECMA host Maestro Fresh Wes during Thursday’s red carpet.

“It’s like a dream come true,” he said.

Curran has said music is part of his life as a performer. He said the pandemic has been difficult for him, his friends and fellow artists.

“It was really through Spartan TV that I was able to really find myself and play through the camera and ultimately find my passion,” he said.

From an early age, Curran and McCray had a passion for music. (Submitted by Scott Legge)

Teacher Scott Legge is proud of what his students have accomplished.

“It’s really a cannonball effect, and what’s happening in our little town of St. Stephen is that they’re bringing in the music and we’re creating a passion and interest in the arts and the arts. industry,” Legge said.

He adds that this is just the beginning of bigger and brighter things.

“The sky’s the limit and we’re actually attending the Junos next week. We have a VIP pass, so you’ll be tuning in and watching Spartan TV parade down the red carpet.”


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