The new music of The Smile tease is in preparation | Entertainment


Thom Yorke has teased The Smile with new music in the works, including the recently teased single “Colours Fly”.

The band – also made up of Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood and Sons of Kemet drummer Tom Skinner – premiered the track during their Primavera Sound set in Barcelona last month.

However, the Radiohead frontman revealed that it was still a “work in progress” along with several other tracks.

He tweeted alongside a clip of the performance: “New…work in progress…there are a few…”

The Smile released their debut studio album, “A Light For Attracting Attention,” in May.

Ahead of its release, Thom, 53, admitted he relished the challenge of collecting.

He said, “I like trying to find different ways to write lyrics. I like to find different ways to put music together. I love learning new instruments, like Jonny.

“It wakes me up in the morning and probably always will, unless I lose my ability to think straight. There is nothing else. . You are influenced by what you listen to. I always buy new music.

The veteran star also revealed that he has two distinct ways of making music.

He explained: “With the lyrics, it’s something completely different where it’s either going to be very quick, very easy, or months and months of shavings, literally line by line, in the weirdest weird anal genre: try things, throw them out, try things, throw them, try things, throw them.

“It sometimes gets to the point where it’s like, ‘well, I have this syllable, and I have this consonant, and I have this syllable, and now I’m just going to wait for the rest to spin up.’ “


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