There’s no reason to complain about Cam Newton’s departure against Bills


Patriots fans should have no qualms with Cam Newton’s departure against Buffalo.

The elimination of the New England Patriots from the playoffs has fans and some members of the media calling for a quarterback change.

If it was a meritocracy and the Patriots had a replacement to light up practice, that opinion would make sense, as Cam Newton has been brutal over the past four weeks, completing just 58.7% of his passes for 120.2 yards per game and one touchdown. to three interceptions. For those wondering, those numbers add up to an obnoxious passer rating of 62.9.

Under normal circumstances, those numbers would warrant a benching. However, it’s not impossible that, given the lack of realistic alternative options, the Patriots might consider relaunching him with Newton under center in 2021.

Considering all this, wouldn’t it make sense to him to get as many reps as possible in the last two games?

People seriously need to stop trying to force Jarrett Stidham on the pitch. If the Patriots saw it as something other than a backupthey obviously wouldn’t hesitate to sit Newton on the bench and let him run the attacking strings.

If the 2019 fourth-round pick being unable to buy playing time amid Newton’s abominable streak doesn’t prove he’s not the long-term answer to quarterbacking for the Patriots, then nothing does, so can we please stop trying to pretend that might be the case?

Given that Newton is clearly ahead of Stidham in the current QB pecking order, in addition to heading into the offseason, why would the Patriots mess up and start a guy who is destined to spend the duration of his career as a substitute? We mean no disrespect to Stidham, but there’s simply no downside to keep rolling with the former MVP.

Either he continues to play terribly and makes the Patriots’ decision to part ways with him in the offseason a no-brainer, where he shows significant signs of improvement that indicate he could be THE guy with a rejuvenated assortment of weapons.

With the Patriots having nothing left to play in 2020, preparing for next season must be the top priority for the front office and coaching staff. Since they could potentially consider re-signing Newton on the cheap in free agency, his departure against the Bills is definitely the right move.


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