Tradicional Mosqueda Mariachi brings the heart of Mexico to Aggieland


BRYAN, Texas – If you’ve heard of Mariachi in Bryan-College Station, there’s a good chance you’ve seen Tradicional Mosqueda Mariachi.

Prior to 1985, there was not a band in Brazos County that played traditional Mexican music. For decades, the family has performed statewide as well as for large, special events.

“We went all the way to San Juan, which is all of Texas,” says Jamie Mosqueda, a member of the Tradicional Mosqueda Mariachi group. of course from Bryan-College Station, that’s where we really have more customers.

When the family formed the mariachi band over 30 years ago, Mosqueda was just a teenager and says it was a way for his family to stay in touch with his roots.

“When we started we just got together and sang because we got here for the first time [Bryan] it was our way to a comfort zone. Music was our comfort zone, because we sang songs from our homeland, ”Mosqueda said.

“They carried on the culture of, you know, our grandparents and our previous generations, so proud that they instilled it not only within the families of our new generations, but also within the community,” Hoffman says. “You know, that said it used to be what I thought I lost for a while, he raised.

Tradicional Mosqueda has had a strong presence in the Bryan-College Station community and school system. Mosqueda is a teacher at Johnson Elementary School in Bryan and has used his passion for mariachi and music and used it in his classroom.

“It’s a great tool to use with students, especially if they are learning in a different language,” Mosqueda said. “I think music is a powerful tool to use, because they articulate the language, they learn vocabulary. And if you make it fun for them, they learn a song first, then they go. share with other friends or family members and they take it with them anytime. “

As we celebrate Hispanic heritage this month, the group says what better way to introduce children to culture and heritage than through music.

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