Travis Schlenk – The Real Atlanta Hawks Basketball MVP


In thanks to Atlanta Hawks general manager Travis Schlenk.

On May 25, 2017, Travis Schlenk was hired to become the general manager of the Atlanta Hawks. He officially began this quest on June 1, 2017, with a single term from the new Atlanta Hawks franchise owners –

Rotate this Champion-Ship around you!

the brood of Travis; Originally from Selden, Kansas, Schlenk and his wife, Sarah, have two daughters, Morgan and Charlotte, and a son, Will. –

Atlanta Hawks general manager – Travis Schlenk is fulfilling the owner’s tenure as he fights his way through three drafts, and the current NBA free agent pool 2020.

How happy are you to be an Atlanta Hawks fan right now? Are you ready for a game of Hawks playoff basketball and ending a lifetime of waiting for a championship contender?

Atlanta Hawks”current listhas fifteen formidable players geared up for a return to the playoffs this season. Add to that, with a resurgence of Eastern Conference power teams? And, the Hawks are sure to be in a quagmire of teams vying for playoff relevance.

The current roster

PG: Trae young, Rajon Rondo, Brandon Goodwin, Skylar Mays

OS: Kevin Huerter, Reddish cam, Kris Dunn, Tony Snell

FS: Danilo Gallinari, De’Andre Hunter, Bogdan Bogdanovic (offer sheet)

PF: John Collins, Solomon’s Hill

VS : Clint Capela, Bruno Fernando, Onyeka Okongwu

Meet the 2020 Hawks rookies –

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say – the outlook for us hardcore Hawks fans has been just plain bleak… for far too long. However, you can see the infusion of improved talent in the roster, after just three years under Travis Schlenk.

In case you missed it, here’s Travis discussing the 2020 NBA Draft/Post Draft interview –

Why don’t they come here?

Why superstar free agents have avoided playing for the Atlanta Hawks in the past is simple. The home team has decades of dysfunctional ownership known to run on the cheap, and this franchise has had a permeable culture of rank mediocrity. Great players don’t want to waste their limited opportunities by being tied to a loser.

Look, the Atlanta Hawks are not a small market team. Atlanta holds the tenth ranking out of sixty-seven rankings considered on, Sports Market Team Size according to Nielsen ratings.

The old mantra, They won’t come here! begins to bleed, and those words fade into the background, becoming blurry around the edges.

I hear those thoroughbreds galloping towards Georgia – just over my shoulder.

You know the phrase, If you build it they will come? It’s true and we the fans are now witnessing the fact that there are cracks in the old story of, They won’t come here! Well, they or they flow and no, it’s not The bag it is The love of the game! (winks – maybe equal parts of both?) and endless opportunities.

They know the Atlanta Hawks have new owners, a newly renovated sports arena, tons of cap space and plenty of momentum to build a winning culture. They see who’s running the rudders in Coach Lloyd Pierce, and his incredible team of assistant coaches. They see Emory health care facilities, shared with the Atlanta Hawks training facility. Yes, they also see Travis Schlenk leaning over the bow of the ship – and that ship is clearly heading in the right direction.

a philosopher man

This article would be dishonest IF we don’t address the elephant in the room –

Luka ‘Wonder-Boy’ Dončić

So there you have it, from the horse’s mouth to your ears. Travis Schlenk is a philosophical man, a man mired in his own convictions: That, the NBA Draft Lottery is a bet. What if you can get two lottery swings, on a mud-level rebuild? Do the simple math – two swings are better than one.

Luka Doncic is a great player, but so is Trae Young. The first indications of Cam Reddish cheek also suggests – it is not left out either. Sure, Luka is nice but I doubt he can occupy two spaces on the pitch at once.

I’ve seen where, Dallas Mavericks fan-blog commenters question Luka’s; stamina, agility, constant minor injuries, weight and above all – Luka’s availability late in the fourth quarters of games. So there is that.

In the long run, Atlanta Hawks fans will be fine with Trae Young leading this team and being the face of this city, these fans and the NBA. We have Travis Schlenk to thank for that.

Like coffee beans rumbling in a pot of boiling water, Travis Schlenk changes the color of the water and fills the room with the sweet aromas of freshly brewed coffee. The adversity of being in a pot of boiling water didn’t change the man – The man changed the color of the water and he changed the air in the room!

Travis Schlenk is restoring a winning culture to the Atlanta Hawks organization. He’s “bringing the sexy back” to Hawks basketball by bridging the chasm between the NBA’s Future Stars and its veteran free agents – for the good of this team as well as the wider Atlanta community.

Great players are on the movementand they are Soaring south to Atlanta, Georgia. – who knew?

A man of the people

By embracing the Atlanta, GA. community, here’s how State Farm Arena became a local voting site for Atlanta GA voters, amid an ongoing pandemic –

What more can i say? All of this praise makes me blush, so here goes – My case for why Travis Schlenk is – The real MVP of Atlanta Hawks Basketball.


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