Turn musical earworms into language lessons with this unique Spanish learning kit


TL; DR: Learn Spanish musically with Earworms MBT Language Learning Package, for just $ 14.99 – a savings of 62% – as of Oct. 7.

Cancel your boring Spanish vocabulary lessons. There is an easier, more organic way to learn the language. And it will only cost you $ 15.

Know those catchy tunes that you might not even like, but just can’t help but sing over and over again? They play back in your brain until you know every word – like the insufferable Kars 4 Kids ad. It’s called earworms, and despite what you think about them, you have to admit that they work. This is why Earworms MBT Language Learning adopted the same idea for their training in Spanish.

By simply putting your headphones in your earbuds and listening to the music filled with rhythmic repetitions a few times, you will subconsciously acquire a collection of new verbs, nouns, and connecting words. This essentially creates a survival kit of immediately useful words and phrases in a new language. You won’t even realize everything you’ve learned until it comes time to do simple things like hail a cab or order food.

Here’s the Earworms co-founder discussing the concept of musical brain training:

In volumes 1-3, you will have access to 200 minutes of continuous audio. Volume 1 focuses on the essentials during a stay abroad. He examines typical situations, such as taking a taxi, arriving at a hotel, going to a restaurant, finding his way, etc. Volume 2 delves a little deeper and will teach you how to talk about yourself and others in the past, present, and future, as well as delving into likes and dislikes and other general conversation topics. And finally, Volume 3 features lexically rich and immediately useful words and phrases, and mixes and matches vocabulary you already know.

You can get Earworms MBT Language Learning Volumes 1-3 for European Spanish for just $ 14.99 (usually $ 40) for a limited time and start your journey to mastery.

a woman wearing headphones is watching the beach

a woman wearing headphones is watching the beach

Credit: Earworms

Earworm MBT Language Learning Pack: Vol. 1-3 (Spanish)

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