Twenty One Pilots are making a gigantic 21-ingredient burrito at BottleRock 2022

Chef Aarón Sánchez watches Twenty One Pilots Josh Dun and Tyler Joseph discuss their Chipotle burrito order at BottleRock Napa Valley. Photo: Jungho Kim/Special for The Chronicle

The members of Twenty One Pilots brought their love of burritos to the culinary scene on day two of BottleRock Napa Valley.

Singer Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun of the multi-platinum Ohio alternative rock band took the afternoon before their headliner on Saturday, May 28 to stop by the smaller stage and learn how to make burritos with celebrity chef Aarón Sánchez. .

“I’m so glad we have a band inspired by my favorite playwright and yours, Arthur Miller,” host Liam Mayclem said while introducing the musicians, who took their band’s name from the title of one of the late writer’s pieces. “Give it up for Arthur Miller!”

Twenty One Pilots said they were such big burrito lovers that Chipotle created an off-menu burrito in their honor after visiting the chain’s restaurants several times while on tour.

But it wasn’t a Chipotle knockoff. For the cooking demo at BottleRock, Sanchez created a 21-item specialty burrito for the group with a 21-inch tortilla.

“It’s going to knock everyone out,” said Sanchez, who was draped in a tortilla cape for the occasion.

Mayclem rang a bell each time the chef and band members added a new ingredient, inspiring fresh waves of cheers from the crowd.

People lay down, couples huddled, but 12-year-old Isabella Marshall was thrilled as one member of the group gregariously tossed cilantro at the big burrito. The South Lake Tahoe teenager told The Chronicle she came that day just to see her favorite band for half a decade. (In other words, since she was 7.) She hoped the band would play hits from her hit 2015 album. “Blurred Face” during the evening’s performance, which would be his first live performance.

Twenty One Pilots bravely helped make the salsa, with Joseph insisting on keeping his microphone on so he could make comments like, “Does anyone have this thing where it feels like cilantro has the taste of soap?

Sanchez layered all 21 ingredients — salsa, rice, beans, chicken, and cheese, among other items — on top of the giant flour tortilla.

“Now why 21?” asked Joseph, who was wearing a pink John Denver t-shirt.

Pressed to answer what makes the perfect burrito, Sanchez said it’s all about moderation.

“It’s really a matter of harmony and balance,” explains the chef.

Joseph was particularly interested in learning how to roll the burrito without breaking it. But he was distracted by the overhead music.

“If I’m making a burrito, I’m not making it to my own song,” he said. “How about a song I didn’t write while I was depressed.”

And with that, the soundtrack shifted to a Cardi B tune. That’s when burrito-making resumed in earnest.

With the gigantic creation complete, Twenty One Pilots decided it was best to share it with their fans.

“If we eat this, all of our songs will be half tempo tonight,” Dun said.

Sanchez had one final piece of advice for his sous chefs: “You never eat a burrito with a knife and fork.”

Making massive versions of fan favorites seems to be the theme of the weekend at the Culinary Stage, where former Oakland Raider Charles Woodson joined chef Michael Mina in creating what they called the World’s Greatest Lobster Pie. .

San Francisco Chronicle writers Julie Johnson and Jess Lander contributed to this report.

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