What happened to the cast of Charles In Charge?


Julie Cobb, daughter of actors Lee J. Cobb and Helen Beverley, continued the family calling and took flight in an episode of “Star Trek“Further TV work followed, including ‘The DA’, ‘The Brady Bunch’, having the “honorto work with her father on an episode of ‘Gunsmoke’ and play Boom Boom Bonnie in Stephen King’s TV miniseries ‘Salem’s Lot’.

She transitioned from dramas to comedies, becoming Jill Pembroke, the first needy mother of “Charles in Charge.” Cobb revealed on the podcast “You may have seenthat the cast “laughed at work every day,” but when the show went from network to syndication, “it’s all about the dollars and cents,” and the producers dumped her three kids from the New York-based screen instead of local Los Angeles actors, which also precipitated her own exit (when Mrs. Pembroke appears in Season 2 to explain to Charles why they are leaving, Lisa Donovan took on the thankless role for an episode) .

Cobb’s career has continued, with over 90 credits in five decades, appearing in ‘Family Ties’, ‘Magnum PI’, ‘Growing Pains’, ‘Days of Our Lives’ and most recently in the ‘Whatta Lark’ series. and “Teenage Bounty Hunters.” She has been married and divorced four times, including actors Victor French ​and​ James Crowell (she directed him in a 2014 short film).


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