Where to find, new music, live media player performance, updated Los Santos tuners and more


There are going to be new EPs, mixtapes and live recordings to collect …

We don’t often see a collectible added to GTA Online, so it’s a pretty exciting time for those of us who like to search for hidden secrets. A new batch of Media Sticks has been added to GTA Online following the Los Santos Tuners update and we’ve got everything you need to know about where to find them and what they are used for.

Here are the latest Media Stick locations. We’ll update this list when people find more, as it’s unclear how many there are.

LATEST – Known media key locations

First of all, you can find a Media Stick on your personal nightclub desktop. This will give you the Violet – EP. You can see it in action in the Tweet below:

Second, you can find a Media Stick inside the LS Car Meet itself! If you head to the Mod Shop and look at this cabinet, you should be able to find a Media Stick on it. This will give you the Black – EP.

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RIGHT ON TOP – It’s tucked away in a corner, but you should be able to grab it without any issues

After that, if you head to your personal arcade room, you can find the Green – EP on the bar.

What are multimedia keys used for?

Following the Los Santos Tuners update, a new media player has been added to the GTA Online radio station wheel. However, you can only access it when you are in a vehicle at the moment. If you look TezFunz2Tweet from below you can see what we mean.

Thanks to this, you should be able to find hidden Media Stick locations around Los Santos that will unlock exclusive EPs, mixtapes, live recordings, and more.

When you get into a car for the first time after the last GTA Online update, you should receive the following message:

“Find and collect media keys containing music (EPs, mixtapes, live recordings and more) from locations around Los Santos. The collected keys can be drives on the media player and set through the inventory section of the interaction menu. “

At the moment, we don’t know how many there are. There were 54 playing cards and 10 broken antennae, so the possibility of any amount in between those two and beyond is possible. However, reports are underway which suggest that only 4 are available at the moment.

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