Will Cam Sutton’s athleticism earn him a spot in the roster?


Can undrafted tight end Cam Sutton make his athleticism count in pursuit of a spot on the Carolina Panthers’ 53-man roster?

The Carolina Panthers are just 46 days away from returning to the field. Everything seems to be going according to plan regarding the start of the NFL on time. But the current climate could dictate that things change more in the coming weeks.

There’s little expectation for the Carolina Panthers in 2020. That’s to be expected given their roster overhaul and a new coaching staff with no real experience at the next level. And their fate wasn’t helped by any face-to-face time together before training camp.

Virtual OTAs will no doubt have benefited them from a theoretical standpoint, as a new scheme is being implemented by Head Coach Matt Rhule. But with no pre-season games to refine their chemistry. Things could get worse before they get better in Carolina.

Unconfirmed prospects have their work cut out for them part of the list of 53 players this season with almost no time to show off their skills. And it’s probably the worst time for those in the bubble to start their NFL journey.

Continuing our series of countdowns to the Panthers’ Week One Clash against the Las Vegas Raiders, we now turn our attention to Carolina’s No. 46. Cam Sutton is an undrafted tight end who has seen little action in his two years at Fresno State. But he’s done enough with some impressive decision makers within the organization to get his shot at making the team.

Why Cam Sutton’s athleticism could be useful for the Carolina Panthers

Sutton has all the assets of a complementary tight end to catch passes at the next level. He is extremely athletic for a man his size. And there could be even more to come from the player with a bit more experience under his belt.

The player caught six balls thrown his way in 2019 as he headed towards 112 receiving yards and an 18.7 yards-per-catch average. He also gained 34 yards on two carries, which is another indication of his elusiveness in tight windows.

There doesn’t seem to be much depth behind tight end No. 1 Ian Thomas. So there is a window of opportunity for anyone who catches the eye during training camp.

Although the chances of Sutton making the 53-man roster seem slim from the outside. The NFL is always throwing wild cards out of nowhere to make a name for itself.

It will be much more difficult this offseason, perhaps more than any other in league history. There won’t be much time for fringe players to make their presence felt during team drills. The task ahead of Sutton and others is therefore considerable.

With training teams upgrade to 16 players next season is a realistic goal that Sutton can achieve. And if he could guarantee that, it would be good for his overall chances of a sustainable NFL career.

His athleticism and versatility have gotten him this far. And although it will take more in a professional environment. There appears to be an opening for Sutton on the depth chart provided he impresses in the coming weeks.


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